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Swimming Pool Water Treatment Boilers, Cooling towers, Treatment using existing PLC Plate Heat Exchangers Maintenance Chemicals for surface renovation Certified training sessions
Through years of experience in the water treatment domain, Krypton Scien-tek has developed unique solution packages customized to commercial swimming pools and whirlpools. This method guaranties the avoidance of chloramine formation as well as T.H.M, while preventing and neutralizing chorline resistant pathogens... Read more Krypton scien-tek tailors, supervises and implements the addition of new features to existing PLC controllers in order to control the water treatment for boilers, cooling towers and closed hot/ cold systems ... Read more No need to open or dismantle plate heat exchangers. Krypton has developped a new on site chemical cleaning procedure. This highly economical alternative called "bubbling chemical cleaning" removes years of accumulations on the water side of any scaled equimpent ...Read More Surface restoration can be a delicate endeavor. Krypton is equipped with a range of exclusive soft chemicals to restore the original appearance of many surface materials, such as muntz, brass, aluminium, ceramic, stainless steel, cements, iron, steel and many more        ... Read more Seminars on water treatment, filtration, water circulation and automation. In addition to these topics, a review of the pros and cons of each existing water treatment technology available on the market is also included in our courses... Read more