Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate heat exchangers are subjected to fouling over time. This scale build up of organic and inorganic matter decreases surface heat exchange area and lead to a decrease in exchanger efficiency and increase in water pressure, leading to an increase in costs of operation.

Removal of fouling can be done mechanically or chemically. While mechanical cleaning requires the complete dismantling of the plates and a replacement of all the gaskets, chemical cleaning is done on site, without removing the plates or having to replace parts. 

Krypton scien-tek has developped a highly efficient and economical procedure called Bubbling Chemical Cleaning ( BCC) . Using the company's exclusive chemical formulas combined with scale-removal methods, this procedure has been proven effective to remove years of accumulations on the water side of any scaled equipment. 
Clients having oped of this method have saved on average 90% of the cost for a maintenance cleaning procedure.

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